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Branding & Corporate Identity


A brand is a visual representation of an organization’s culture, core values, and purpose. A logo is a simple, timeless and meaningful expression of those elements. At Wonderboy Creative we believe in taking a methodical approach to ensure our clients receive the best quality product to represent their brand.

The way a company goes about business, the services and products they offer, and the way in which customers respond are what define a company’s brand. Our intent is to help your business elevate themselves by reflecting the true identity you want to convey to consumers – to become an extraordinary brand.

In all design, there is a process that Wonderboy follows and insights we offer that help clients understand their company in a more meaningful way.

To gain understanding of these core tenants, we ask questions, and a lot of them. Some questions are very simple and require simple answers. Some might be abstract. Whatever the question and however it is posed, our goal is to uncover the true and unique inspiration behind each organization. Through this process we’ll bring forth answers that provide clarity in the process moving forward.


Among the many questions we ask throughout the brand-building process, we’ll want to spend time around our clients and their organization. We draw significant inspiration from leadership, employees and the environment they create together.

How our clients interact on a daily basis tells us as much about them as a thorough question and answer interview.


Once we gather the necessary information, we begin concept drawings of our client’s brand representation – it’s logo. We typically begin with simple pencil sketches and gradually progress to digital production. We incorporate elements derived from discussion and exploration. Though each element might not be visually represented, the inspiration for a brand will be clearly felt.


Once we finalize the design phase, we’ll deliver a brand package in every image format necessary, including a custom business card design template.

We also offer extensive guidance for new brand utilization including typography, color criteria, as well as general usage. As part of this, we’ll create a thorough brand standard guide that can be utilized throughout an organization. This detailed guide will help streamline brand protocol communication and ensure all team members are up to speed on new usage guidelines.


Communicate with your customers using beautifully designed elements for print, web, social media and more.


Beautifully designed and optimized websites for companies large and small.


Bottle photography and product photos for wineries, retail shops, and more.


Consulting services in sales and marketing to help your business grow.

Joshua Wood
Basel Cellars
Hospitality Manager

I’m continually impressed with their sophisticated design skills, attention to detail, commitment to meeting challenging deadlines, and dedication to seeing projects through from start to finish. Their first project increased my tasting room bottom online retail 50% across the board year to date. For the past two years Wonderboy has been instrumental in bolstering our social media presence, refining our marketing materials, and improving our brand design and strategy with the ultimate goal of communicating a more cohesive and sophisticated message to our national consumer base. In addition to the quality of Wonderboy’s work, they’re also a pleasure to work with. J.C., Chris, and Sean always perform with a high level of professionalism and integrity. They’re easy to communicate with and always exceed my expectations in producing materials that are cohesive and aligned with our brand vision and strategy. I have no doubt that Wonderboy’s creative skills would be an asset to any group looking to take their brand design and marketing materials to the next level.

Stephan Westcott
General Manager

We’ve engaged Wonderboy Creative on a number of creative design projects and have always been overjoyed with the results. We’re one of those clients that “knows it when we see it”, and typically with other design firms the design process has been a long string of “We’re not sure exactly what we’re looking for, but we know that’s not it!” The staff at Wonderboy Creative have a knack for understanding the intended audience and they produce outstanding work that is on point the first time.

Rebecca Thorpe
Walla Walla YMCA
Marketing Director

Working with J.C. Biagi, Sean Parsons and the Wonderboy team is pure pleasure! They consistently put into design what I describe with words. It’s as if they can see into my imagination. Oftentimes, they make it even better than my original concept. They’ve taken our print and web advertising to a whole new level. Also, their business practice is always personable and professional. I never worry when I put a project in their hands.

Kathy Priester
Northwest Bass
Administrative Assistant

We asked J.C. at Wonderboy Creative for help re-branding our fishing tournament circuit. He used creativity and passion to create a new set of logos with clean lines that are modern, energetic and informative at a glance. We asked him to help us with our website and J.C. listened to what we were trying to do, did his own research, asked us questions, then used his creativity and graphics knowledge to produce a web presence we never could have created ourselves. He built a website for us that allows tournament anglers to easily get all the information they need about the events we offer as well as the ability to sign up and pay entry fees online. We are now able to pull data easily which helps make events run smoothly. We are very happy with our new website.