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Why It’s Critical to Produce Original Content for your Website?

Content is king. That’s a fact that’s hard to dispute in the age of technology, and the era of the online consumer. It’s one of the realities of building your business in the age where a majority of consumers are searching online for products (Google reports 3.5 billion search inquiries a day); it is imperative that you make a dedicated effort to show up where potential customers are looking as you build your company’s presence. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as simply setting up a website and seeing what happens. There’s an entire field dedicated to search engine optimization, and a major component of that is…you guessed it…original content. Here are just a few reasons why we recommend to our clients that they regularly produce high quality, original content for their websites.

1. To establish authority – When it comes to the work that your business does, there is no better authority than you. We have clients who say to us “we don’t want a lot of text on our website” or “we don’t want too many pages of content.” While we understand the desire to keep your site simple it’s also important to know that in the world of business someone will be talking about you. It’s better if the information about your company is coming from you rather than someone who is less of an authority. Don’t let someone else take away your opportunity to share what you do.

2. To interact – one key to building a successful online presence is establishing a way to interact with your consumers. Producing a website that looks good and is easy to navigate and stocking your home page with good content will help you draw in visitors to your website, but if that content is not refreshed or swapped out occasionally, they’re unlikely to return multiple times. Keep your audience coming back to your website by providing an always changing stream of information.

3. To inform – As you build content, you want to ensure that it provides value. Everyone’s time is precious, and that’s especially true of your customers. Remember that your audience is more likely to respond to information that is relevant to them and that they care about. Take the time to learn about your audience, find out what they want to know and then provide that information to them.

4. For sharing – another important aspect of content creation is providing an opportunity for your customers to share the information that you’ve cultivated across multiple platforms. If your original content is informative and relevant your audience will want to share with their circle of friends and (hopefully) business associates. The easier it is for people to share your content, the more likely it is that they will do so, and making it as easy as clicking a Twitter icon allows you to cast an even wider net and will only help your business grow.

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